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Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Marking Editor

Eurocircuits tips & tricks – Marking Editor Did you know that you could add your company logo to your PCB design, add text, Date code, UL marking or even determine where to locate your order number? Not only this but place them either in the copper layer or the silk legend layer? But why would […]

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Pre-Production Approval

Eurocircuits product news – Pre-Production Approval Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognize. Or you may be worried that your first layout is not quite right. Whatever your concern, we can give you the reassurance you need. You can do this by Setting up an approval step […]

Eurocircuits releases eC-reflow-mate V4

Eurocircuits product news – eC-reflow-mate V4 released As you know, here at Eurocircuits we are continuously working hard to bring Services, tools and equipment to the Electronics design market to provide for the prototype and small series electronics market. Services to offer great quality PCBs and Solder Paste Stencils. Tools in the form of PCB […]

Electronics & Applications – free entry ticket and interesting seminars

Content Free entry ticket Exhibition gadget KISS LoRa – live produced during the show Interesting seminars Visit the E&A exhibition without entry fee Eurocircuits customers can register for a free entry ticket via this link. KISS LoRa gadget – live produced during E&A2017! The exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, will be produced on the live production […]

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – KiCAD native data direct import

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – KiCAD native data direct import We process over 400 data sets a day for our customers. Front end data preparation is a critical stage of the process to ensure that the data we receive reflects what the designer had in mind, that it is manufacturable and that all requirements are […]

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – How to create a Panel

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Panel editor The purpose of our Tips and tricks series is to help guide designers and purchasers to the best and most cost effective service possible saving time and energy doing things which we have created the tools online to do for you.One question which we are often faced is […]

Review – standard- and predefined build-ups

Standard and predefined build-ups A few months ago, prepreg construction 2125 was removed from the available prepreg list of 370HR and IS400, 2 of our main FR4 material types.  We exchanged this prepreg type with construction 2116.  The thickness of 2116 differs from the 2125 with approximately 20 µm.  At first we assumed it wouldn’t […]

Eurocircuits TIPS & TRICKS – PCBA Visualizer

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – PCBA Visualizer We are 3 months on the way now with our PCBA Visualizer beta testing phase and we would like to share our experiences and some tips & tricks how to use our tool efficiently. After launching PCBA Visualizer, the natural DRC DFM extension tool of our well proven […]